Roof Cleaning

We offer specialist delicate roof cleaning and moss removal for your home or business in Bourne, Stamford and Peterborough areas.

Professional Roof & Conservatory Cleaning

Witham Cleaning Company offers specialist delicate roof cleaning and moss removal for your slate or tiled roof in Bourne, Stamford and Peterborough areas.

Our Roof cleaning services consist of moss removal, grime, lichen and green algae treatment combined with tile and slate roof cleaning. We also use delicate roof cleaning methods to give your mossy tired roof a new lease of life.

All of our roof cleaning services include a biocide treatment. Once this soft wash treatment is applied to the surface, it kills and removes organic growth that is present. Not only does it aid removal, it can remain present in the surface, preventing algae or moss development for up to 2 years. This soft wash treatment is great for almost any type of exterior surface.

Roof cleaning and moss removal is required because moderate, damp climate in the UK is a perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and lichens to grow. The combination of warmth from below, rain and moisture in the air means that these organisms can breed and multiply rapidly, especially on North facing roofs.

These organisms can cause short and long term damage to your roof, holding moisture and so adding massive amounts of weight to your roof and also eating into tiles and mortar, forcing them apart and eventually, if left untreated, could require a replacement roof completely. Which is why you need the help of a specialist roof cleaning and moss removal company.

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